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This page is used to create your SuperCalendar profile and user preferences.

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Form Fields
User Name The name you would like to be known as in SuperCalendar.
Name Your real name.
E-Mail Address The e-mail address where you want to receive reminders.
Time Zone The time zone you live in.
Password A password you make up.
Password Hint A hint that will be displayed if you forget your password. It should be something that will help you remember your password but won't give your password away to anyone else.
Address Your address.
City, State Your city and state.
Zip, Country Your zip code and country.
Phone Your phone number, including area code.
Invited By Enter the user name or e-mail address of the person who suggested you create your SuperCalendar.
Terms of Service Legal details regarding this service.
Personal Color Select the color you want your Personal events displayed in.
Personal Sticker If you'd like to have a regular or default sticker for your Personal events, select it. You can click View Stickers to see the available stickers. Regardless of what you choose, you can use another (or no) sticker for any event. However, if you plan to use a certain sticker most of the time, selecting it here will make adding events quicker and easier.
Show Read-Only Calendar If you wish, you can allow anyone with a special URL to see your calendar.